Andalusia announces first Sotogrande Grand Prix

Sotogrande, the first real estate and leisure destination created in southwest Spain in 1962, welcomes the automobile super-elite to Andalusia in the first event of this kind throughout its illustrious history.

Over five days from Wednesday 24 May to Sunday 28 May 2017 and hosting five major events, southern Spain from Seville to Sotogrande will be home to rallies, exhibitions and auctions of some of the world’s finest classic cars and premium marques from pre-1965 to today.  The focus for SOTOGRANDE GRAND PRIX® is on flawless mechanics, exceptional workmanship and exemplary car models that demonstrate engineering brilliance from a bygone age through to the near future.

One of the major events is the SOTOGRANDE RALLY®, a three-day route through Andalusia starting at the Plaza d’Espagna in Seville, stopping over in the heart of Cordoba and culminating in Sotogrande.  For those participating in either a timed race or the more casual promenade, the scheduled route will take in some 300 km each day of Andalusia’s most breathtaking scenery, principally along public roads.   Celebratory evening events will be held in exclusive secret venues in Seville and Cordoba for drivers and their guests.

The cars will make an eye-catching entrance into Sotogrande as they race the FLYING ¼ MILE® over Sotogrande’s historic Guardiaro River bridge.

sotogrande grand prix

A key feature of the SOTOGRANDE GRAND PRIX® will be the SOTOGRANDE SALE® with British auction house, Bonhams, which will include an auction of fine vintage cars and luxury classic car-related memorabilia, fashion and luggage.

The remarkable SOTOGRANDE CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE® will showcase some of the world’s finest cars, with award-winners judged according to the scrupulous guidelines of the International Chief Judge Advisory Group.

Meanwhile a SOTOGRANDE TOP MARQUES® exhibition will display the newest models and premieres from prestigious international car brands against the backdrop of Marina Sotogrande and La Reserva.

On the final day of SOTOGRANDE GRAND PRIX®, about a hundred exclusive and modern GTs will take part in the SOTOGRANDE GT TOUR®.  Automobiles built between 1996 and the present day are invited to participate in a breath-taking jaunt of speed and agility, touring through the Andalusian surroundings, and performing different tests on closed tracks.

The SOTOGRANDE GRAND PRIX® is the first extension to the now very well-established and high society ZOUTE GRAND PRIX® which this year hosted its seventh edition at Knokke, Belgium.  A major event in the classic car calendar, Zoute – Knokke has steadily gained ground to be one of the finest international automobile events in Europe. ZOUTE GRAND PRIX® has built its reputation as a leading classic car event through working with scrupulous federations across sectors: these ensure authenticity of the vehicles, exactitude in time trials and awards for the finest vehicles nominated by the highest level of the profession.

Marc Topiol, CEO Sotogrande SA, says:

“Following on from major international sailing events and world-class polo, hosting SOTOGRANDE GRAND PRIX® is the next step in the transformation of Sotogrande.  This lifestyle and real estate destination is a place to enjoy exceptional experiences and moments, and a place for families and friends to connect and relax.  Having a major stretch of Andalusia involved in this fantastic international rally is sensational.  Many government bodies and communities are behind this to make it an outstanding event.”

Philippe Van de Ryse, co-organiser for ZOUTE GRAND PRIX®, said:

“Sometimes you don’t need to look very far to find paradise. Of all the places in the world we have visited, Sotogrande is the perfect match.”