A father, European, aged between 40-50: profile of Spain’s most likely property investor

A father, European, aged between 40-50: profile of Spain’s most likely property investor

The most common profile for foreign investors in Spanish property ismiddle-aged fathers from northern European countries, according to arecent survey by Iberia Real Estate.

The real estate franchise recently analysed its data and found that men with families,aged between 40 and 50, and largely hailing from the UK, Ireland, Germany and the Scandinavian countries were most interested in purchasing property in Spain…

The survey also found that on average, two out of every ten foreign visitors to Spain harbour serious considerations about purchasing a property in the country – with popular tourist hotspots such as Andalucía, Valencia and Catalonia leading the way.

With tourism numbers at record levels for 2016, this means great news for the Spanish property market. A recent report by Spanish newspaper El Mundo calculates that nationwide, Spain will record a 30% increase in property transactions this year, a rise largely fuelled by the resurgent domestic market, but also ably supported by wealthy foreign buyers opting for Spain’s safe-haven status.

As many other would-be holiday and investment locations on the continent have suffered the devastating effects of terrorism over the past 18 months, Spain has reaped the benefits in both numbers of visitors and volume of cash injection.

And the profile most likely to say “Si, por favor” to a home in Spain comes as no surprise. The middle-aged male demographic of most northern European countries tends to also be the wealthiest, and with the economies of the UK, Germany and most of Scandinavia performing well, it is little surprise that investors in Spanish property largely hail from these countries, and this group.

Equally prescient is Spain’s excellent property market, which offers a winning combination of affordability, good quality, choice, and ease of doing business. All of this is augmented by a culture that is not so far-removed from northern Europe, a warm climate, excellent infrastructure and superb education and healthcare facilities across most parts of the country.