J80 Championship

Sotogrande is celebrating the return of the World Championship J80 event. The community of Sotogrande boasts a unique positioning between the two continents of Europe and Africa. Thanks to its location and Sotogrande’s prestigious environment, it is the ideal setting for this compelling race. The unpredictable wind patterns and temperamental Mediterranean Sea makes this event a truly thrilling experience, not one that should be missed.

The J80 event is named after the sports boat that competes within this spectacular race. Known as the best-selling boat in Europe, the J80 is a thrilling sports boat, yet is less intimidating than other modern sport boats.

The championship itself attracts over 100 boats, each boat containing 4 or 5 crew members. The J80 Championships have brought together teams from across the globe, including professionals and international Olympic racers.

Overall this is a world-wide covered event, bringing our community sport, passion and media coverage. We encourage for all our clients and followers to check it out.