Sotogrande Grand Prix 5 Day Event

Sotogrande Grand Prix

The luxurious gated community of Sotogrande is gearing up to host the first Sotogrande Grand Prix from the 24th – 28th of May. Over the course of these five days there will be five different spectacular events. Renowned car collectors from around the world will be traveling from Seville, through Cordoba, to Sotogrande. Once they reach their final destination, there will be an array of events, including rallies, auctions, parades and exhibitions of world-class cars ranging from classical cars, luxury automobiles and futuristic models.

These exceptional car models will be displayed in the Sotogrande Marina and La Reserva from Friday the 26th – Sunday the 28th of May. This elegant event should not be missed as it will not only have car enthusiasts excited, but is a fantastic way to kick off the summer here in Sotogrande.

In addition to the exhibitions and parades of world-renowned cars, there will also be a exclusive cultural event that embodies the society of Sotogrande. Displays of fine yachts, polo matches and a show of the beautiful Andalucian horses are additional events that will be adding to the luxurious experience over these exciting five days