Trump down the volume: how Spain can help banish the election noise

Trump down the volume: how Spain can help banish the election noise

All Trump-ed out? Spain can help with that...

The USA has elected its 45thPresident, Donald Trump. If that is news to you, then be prepared to share that rock under which you’ve been hiding.

The pitch that will follow this surprising election result will become more fevered than a Chicken pox-ridden toddler over the next few days, and while there are bound to be some funny memes hiding amid the media onslaught, one could be forgiven for wanting to tune out and turn off.

Spain is the perfect place in which to do this, having already proven for most of 2016 how little politics actually matters – the country has run itself rather well without a proper government in place, so here are three other ways that Spain can help you dump the Trump…

  1. Hit the beach

The scenes from New York this week have been dominated by ruddy-cheeked young Republicans whooping wildly into the cameras, dressed in thick coats and wrapped in scarves. Yep, it’s cold in New York this time of year, as it is in much of the Northern Hemisphere come mid-November. In southern Spain, however, although it’s been a bit chilly this week, it is certainly sunny enough to head to the beach to get away from it all, and you’ll have the place pretty much all to yourself.

  1. Eat, drink and be merry

Not only is Spain home to the world’s best restaurant, but Spanish cuisine has become one of the most popular food types across the globe, with most towns and cities in Europe now boasting a fine selection of tapas bars and restaurants.

And as the nights draw in there are few cosier experiences than huddling with friends and family in one of the many tightly-packed bodegas and tapas joints dotted along the Costa del Sol, offering up the finest in Spanish hospitality, cuisine, beer and wine… lots and lots of wine.

  1. Go home hunting

One industry that is immune to the ups and downs of the calendar is the property market, which has just posted another strong month for sales transactions.

So if you really want to get away from it all, how about a rustic old finca in the Andalusian hills? Or a modern two-bedroom apartment in a quiet urbanisation on the fringes of the coastline? Or how about a luxurious villa complete with private pool and shrouded in security and solitude? Spain offers all of this and more – and with Netflix and Napflix both available, you will never have to lay your eyes on Donald Trump again…